Transcend Your Thoughts
Through Hypnotherapy

Do you feel stuck because you have unhealed wounds and worries?

Do you find it hard to enjoy your journey because you can’t stop thinking about your destination?

Are you trying to find a way out but you always find yourself repeating the same patterns?

Are you so close to your goals, but you feel like something is holding you back?

Are you tired of being tired?

How would you feel if you could ease your nerves and enter an altered state of consciousness for a “stress-free” you?

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That's what hypnotherapy is for…

Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool that can help people improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Your unconscious mind aka inner voice can feel like your biggest critic!

This makes you feel bad about yourself, your actions, and your thoughts.

By accessing your inner voice, your Hypnotherapist can help you take control over these thoughts and how you feel about yourself.

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Who Am I And Why Do You Have To Listen To What I Have To Say?

My name is Omar Shaath and I’m a professional and an accredited Hypnotherapist.

I am passionate about helping people in Dubai transcend fear, hurt, trauma, and restlessness so they can achieve the things they are meant to get in this life.

There are underlying reasons that cause our anxieties, doubts, and feelings of inadequacy…

Let’s work together to change fear to fierceness, doubt to daring, hurt to healed, and pity to power.

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... And that’s where I come in

Through my Hypnotherapy Sessions, you’ll see what it’s like to work with someone who truly understands your unique situation. I’ll help you to transcend your thoughts and reprogram your subconscious so you can achieve a heightened state of awareness.
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How It Works?

Your First Session

An introduction session in which you are asked questions to fully analyze your case. Then, any doubts you may have are clarified in order to construct a clear goal with specific outcomes.

Your Second Session

A deep dialogue to extract the root causes of the problem in your subconscious mind and address them. You are then guided to rectify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to achieve the desired results.

Your Third Session

Review your progress and improve your confidence. Also, instill your self-acceptance and self-motivation to embrace your positive transformation journey.

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Here’s What You’ll Experience by working with ME:

✔  Transcend psychological distress, fears, toxic habits, and even overwhelming past traumas.

✔  Reinforce positive thinking patterns by fixing triggers of your stress so you can reach the mental and emotional calm you desire.

✔  Engage in a powerful process of your personal transformation towards a healthier, confident, unstoppable, and wholesome you.

✔  Engage in a powerful experience of taking a deep dive into your emotions, problems and other aspects of life.

✔  Overcome former roadblocks, limiting beliefs, and past traumas to attract abundance in every area you desire.

✔  Understand what exactly your life purpose is and how you can bring your most competent self out.

✔  Get rid of your traumas through a healing process that starts from within.

✔  Break free from unresolved emotions that have you bound throughout the past life.

✔  Reach a new sense of purpose, serenity, and balance that will be beneficial for your overall wellness.

✔  Develop a positive mindset and become courageous enough to get to where you want to be, no matter what.

Now, if you’re ready to go through a life-changing experience, click the button below to get started.
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Listen ...

I bet you’re thinking to yourself, I am not sure if it will work for ME.

Well, that’s what many of my clients thought too before I stepped in and taught them the various skills they needed.

Now, they’re out there living their dream lives and I couldn’t be more proud.

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Maybe you’ve tried other kinds of talk therapy, but you haven’t been able to create the shift you’re looking for.

Or maybe your life is pretty great, but you just have that one thing that’s been holding you back.

Maybe you’ve been kind of hard on yourself about it all and your self-talk isn’t doing you any favors.

How much is finding a way out of this worth to you?

Your first step towards your dream life starts NOW!

So book your 1:1 consultation call with me and let’s change your world from the inside out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness in which the subconscious mind becomes receptive to receiving positive thoughts, suggestions, and images. It is a natural state that we already enter in and out of throughout our daily lives. When you drive down the road and miss a turn or get lost in a movie or your favorite song, those are all states of hypnosis.

Because it works! Did you know that approximately 90% of our behavior is governed by the subconscious mind? Our subconscious mind is what drives our behaviors, reactions, and motivations. Hypnotherapy is one of the easiest, most effective tools to replace limiting beliefs and behaviors with positive and long-lasting change.

Step 1: We will discuss your problem in detail, then I will explain why it is happening to you.

Step 2: We will spend some time discussing your goals and I will ask clarifying questions to help get to know you better.

Step 3: You will become aware and eager to get into hypnotherapy to transcend the negative thoughts that have been limiting you thus far.

Yes. Everyone experiences hypnosis a little differently-but everyone has the ability to be hypnotized because it is a natural state that we enter in and out of every day.

This varies on the individual, what it is you are working on, and how proactive you are outside of our sessions. It is recommended that a new client work with a hypnotherapist for a minimum of 2-4 sessions that are one week apart, and some prefer to continue therapy in intervals for longer periods of time. Hypnotherapy does work quickly, though it is not magic and results will not occur overnight in most cases.

Hypnosis is likened to the twilight state just before sleep or when just waking up. When in hypnosis, you will hear everything that is said and be aware of what is going on the whole time. Your mind may drift into different levels of awareness but you will not be sleeping.

No, this is something you see on stage but is not what happens in a therapeutic session. You won’t do or say anything that you don’t want to, and it is not mind control. You are in control the entire time and will not be compelled to do or say anything inappropriate or against your will.

This is impossible. All trances end, whether formally ended by the hypnotherapist or ended naturally by you.

I offer face-to-face sessions for people in Dubai as home service for additional fees.

Click the button below to book a consultation session and get ready to have a unique transcending experience with me!

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